On 2 Victory…Officially Licensed Victory Fingers Launch

Posted on September 19, 2013 at 3:58 pm


After nearly 2 years of product development and fine tuning, we are set to publicly launch Victory Fingers this Saturday. We have learned so much about manufacturing, product development, manufacturing(USA-based), licensing, marketing & merchandising, with a lot more to learn. I think i could write a “How To” book on all of that for future entrepreneurs.

Now comes the real and fun part of this ride: Seeing the customers enjoy the experience, the fun, the expression, the passion all thru our vision of our finger sleeves. We have focused on sports, but are also pursuing other avenues, especially our Flag Fingers (US, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Britain, Brazil & Argentina) in preparation for the WORLD CUP next summer! But, sports teams of all ages and all parts of the world is our goal. Think big.

For the Alabama fans going to the home opener this Saturday, we will be all over the campus in tents and mobile vendor trailers. We appreciate your passion and your support. On 2 Victory!