How Do You Celebrate Victory?

Posted on September 11, 2013 at 2:49 pm

In life and in sports, our fingers are such an icon of celebration and of being on a team. Think about the 12th man in football, that’s us, the fans. We have our voices, our colors and our hands. As a culture, we love to express ourselves and support for our teams, our troops and our families using hand signals.

There is the #1 sign that is universal. There is the 2 finger victory sign that stands for victory. Then there is the 2 finger peace sign. You also have the index finger and the pinkie finger to represent schools like Texas’s Hook ‘Em Horns or NC State’s Wolf Pack. You also have the 3 finger sign like at Ohio State for 3rd down conversion support. You have the 4 finger sign like at Alabama for 4th quarter support…Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! You have the 3 finger signs like the one Louisville has to represent the L.

Just look at all the fans at the US/Mexico World Cup Qualifier game last night in Columbus, OH. Our hands and fingers are an everyday part of that celebration and participation. Victory is a fun part of life and should be celebrated. As we say here, “give your fingers a voice…” Make ’em Victory Fingers.