Frequently Asked Questions

What are in stock fingers?

Product that we have already produced and can usually be found on our website and shipped within 24 hours.

How do I order in stock fingers?

Pick out a set of fingers you see in our on line store, add them to your cart and when done, simply checkout or you can call 1-855-MY-FINGERS (1-855-693-4643) and order over the phone. In-stock fingers are shipped within 24 hours.

What are custom fingers?

A finger that is custom designed for you, using your suggestions and our designer. It is something we have not already produced. This includes any changes(color, layout) to an in-stock item.

How do I order custom fingers?

Follow the prompts in the section of our website for customized orders (customizing includes colors, logos, messages). We prefer that you send them in an EPS, Vector  or PDF file. We will reply to you by email with a sample proof of your custom fingers for your review and your permission to proceed with an order. We need about 21 days notice to ship custom fingers. It may very well take less time, but we say 21 days just to be safe.

Can I sell Victory Fingers in my store?

Of course.  Just call us at 1-855-MY-FINGERS (1-855-693-4643) for details.

What material are the fingers made of?

A combination of polyester and spandex. It is latex free and machine washable.

Is there a setup fee for any orders (in stock or custom)?

Usually not!

Do Victory Fingers work with my smartphone?

They work with every smartphone that we have ever tested them on(Apple, Android, LG and many others).

Can you ship overseas or to Canada or Mexico?


Do you accept returns?

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We want happy customers who tell their friends about Victory Fingers. For in-stock fingers, we will accept exchanges from customers within 7 days from date of receipt of the fingers. For custom fingers, once we receive your approval and you place your order, we cannot give a refund (unless we made an error in the production of the finger).