CBS’s 60 Minutes, ESPN’s College Gameday & Victory Fingers

Posted on November 13, 2013 at 7:11 pm

How fortunate our little, but growing, company is. Besides having good people working for us, we have been on national TV TWICE in less than 7 days. We were at ESPN’s College Gameday and were able to work our way into some great screen shots (see below). Our next big challenge is to get Lee Corso to wear Victory Fingers of the team he thinks is going to win (instead of OR in addition to) the mascot head.

Kirk Herbstreit and Victory Fingers

Then, 6 days earlier on CBS’s 60 minutes, during the segment on Coach Saban, head coach at Alabama, CBS showed an aerial shot of the team’s walk into the stadium. And, there, in the bottom left, is our Victory FINGERS white tent, where we proudly sell our Alabama fingers at every home game.

60 Minutes and Victory Fingers

Now, I know I may not get 1 additional sale out of this, but to have been on nationwide TV on 2 of the top rated shows, in the same week, is pretty cool and will be something our small, but growing, company will put in our marketing files for some time down the road.

Lastly, you may think we are following ESPN’s College Gameday, and we kind of are. They will be in LA this Saturday for the USC Stanford game AND so will Victory Fingers. We are proud to have USC FIGHT ON fingers available, starting this week at the stadium, side by side with our friends GO NUTS!

Until then,